James Maker links

James Maker Official site

James Maker’s placeholder site at Geocities. It’s been like this for ages and long overdue an update – come on James, pull your finger out! There are a selection of James Maker photos on this site too.

James Maker on MySpace

You need to be granted friend status to access this – we presume this is James’ own site.

James Maker and Noko 440 on MySpace

Last time we looked, this included 4 tunes – ‘Born That Way’, ’12 O’Clock Girl’, ‘The Outside’ and ‘Girls Are Out To Get Me’. Definitely worth a visit – any of these tracks could have appeared on ‘Babelogue’ and further underline the tragedy of Maker’s current musical inactivity.

RPLA on MySpace

Includes 4 tracks – The Absolute Queen Of Pop, I’m Not Your Territory, Girl From Baton Rouge and Vagabond Sister.

Vintage Raymonde interview with Paul Mathur

From !Jamming! magazine, way back when…

James Maker interview in ‘Morrissey’ book by Pat Reid

In the depths of the http://www.morrissey-solo.com archive, this link provides scans from the book. It’s an interview with James, found in the appendix.

More links to follow…


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